Important Information
The New Ecigarette Laws and how it will effect you the consumers

As from May 20th 2017  only nicotine products that have been approved by the  Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are allowed for sale.

Supplied only in 10ml sized bottles and strengths available up to 20mg max.

Tanks/Mizers will be restricted to hold only 2ml of liquid and must also have been approved for sale by MRHA.

How this will effect you the vaper

Price increases due to the high costs incurred on meeting the approval of the TPD and MHRA requirements.

Limited liquid flavour range due to costs of producing.

Making your own liquids will become more restricted as you can only purchase 10ml bottle size with a max strength of 20mg.
We will not be supplying our Diamond Crystal nicotine bases anymore although we will have a limited selection of aromas.

large tanks will become obselete.

0mg Liquids we will still continue to produce as the new rules do not apply to 0mg.

We are now in the process of cleansing our shop. As from November 2016 we will stop producing our range of Eliquids and Nicotine Bases and would advise to start stocking up while you can as many of our liquids will not be reproduced.

From May 2017 we will continue with a more streamline product range.

We have now added a 15% off and a Clearance section. Keep looking for that extra bargain while you can

We would also like to thank you for taking time out to re register in our new shop (as we do appreciate how frustrating it can be) and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you for continuing to shop with us.

Best Regards
From all at LT